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Our Client Work

We specialise in delivering fully integrated campaigns involving a variety of media and communications that help clients overcome challenges and achieve measurable change. Here are some examples of our work:

Medical Technology Group – Bringing the latest technology to patients

Medical technology has the potential to transform the lives of patients, ease the burden of clinicians, and save money for the NHS. Over nearly a decade, 3:nine has built the MTG as a major thought leader across a variety of media, helping to drive change in both policy and perception around innovative new technology for the NHS.

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BPR Medical – Home oxygen fires and saving lives

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REPU – A new vision for religious education 

In the last fifty years, the nature of religion and belief in Britain has undergone immense change. Using award winning communications, we helped deliver a new vision for religious education, attracting a new generation of passionate teachers to the subject, as well as winning over important decision makers in both parliament and education.

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Turning the tide on teacher recruitment

After bursaries for RE teacher trainees were removed for 2013/14, recruitment had dropped to just 71% of the Government target. A campaign had to be devised and implemented in order to raise awareness of the new financial support and reverse the decline.

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BPR Medical – Working towards a net zero NHS

Nitrous oxide is an integral part of the day-to-day running of the NHS. However, it is also one of the NHS’s most harmful emissions; up to 300 times more environmentally damaging than carbon dioxide. Together with BPR Medical, 3:nine launched a live webinar with a panel of anaesthetists, estate managers and academics to talk through the challenges, solution and outcomes for the latest nitrous oxide cracking technology.

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Suunto Movesense – getting the message right for the launch of a new wearable device

Wearable devices are being used more and more by health professionals and professional athletes to monitor and track vital signs and other physiological parameters. In a crowded market, launching a new product requires pinpoint messaging to ensure success. 3:nine’s research team worked with Suunto to help them prepare for a strategic and evidence-based launch.

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Alliance for Heart Failure – improving access to life-saving diagnosis and treatment on the NHS

There are around a million people living with heart failure in the UK with cases set to rise by 25% in the next 25 years. Despite this, the UK’s heart failure services continue to struggle with the burden of the illness, with patients missing out on timely diagnosis and access to the best possible treatment. The Alliance for Heart Failure brings together patient groups, industry and clinicians to work with NHS stakeholders across the country to improve heart failure services.

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