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No matter what sector you’re in or how big your organisation is, you need your customer and stakeholder communication to break through the noise and be as powerful, relevant and effective as possible. 

That means developing a deep understanding of the issues and challenges of the day and how your organisation, service or product can address them.

Effective messaging applied consistently across your communications channels can have a huge impact on your success:

  • More effective marketing
  • Increased sales and profit
  • Better relationships with customers and stakeholders
  • More influence with endorsers or supporters
  • More engaged, motivated employees

The 3:nine messaging service

Our messaging service is designed to build messages based on empirical, research backed insights.

Whether you are a not for profit, a start up, an established business, or a multinational, our service can be tailored to your needs.

Platinum (larger international businesses) Gold (established businesses)Silver (SMEs, established not for profits)Bronze (charities/not for profits/start ups)
Pre-research study Yes, including competitor research, and SWOT analysis Yes, including competitor research YesNo
Interview sample30 qualitative interviews (internal and external audiences)20 qualitative interviews (external audiences)
10 qualitative interviews (external audiences)Workshop based study
Workshop Yes, full day including research analysis, SWOT, language preferencesYes, full day including research analysis, language preferencesYes, half day including research analysisYes (up to 2 hours)
Summary of research findingsYes, including recommendationsYes, including recommendationsYesNo
Messaging consolidation and revision Yes (including a six month review) YesYesYes
Message handbookYesYesYesYes

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