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Suunto Movesense – getting the message right for the launch of a new wearable device

Ahead of launching its Movesense wearable medical device, the Suunto marketing team wanted to understand the drivers, challenges and motivations of its target audience. The aim was to integrate these insights into a strategic campaign that delivered authoritative and compelling messages to resonate with stakeholders and help Suunto break into new markets, while driving sales.

Following an online pre-research campaign, 3:nine identified suitable candidates for deeper messaging research interviews. Qualitative interviews were conducted with those holding senior positions in private and public sector organisations. The insights from these interviews were then used to build evidence points to support messaging and develop a communications strategy supporting the launch.

The Movesense team is now helping the developers it wanted to reach use the device in a range of applications, from measuring the balance and movement of sports professionals to monitoring for heart arrhythmia among at-risk patients.

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