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PR tip #11 – Fake news and what to do about it!

Dishonest businessman telling lies, lying businessperson holding fingers crossed behind his back

PR tip #11

Fake news and what to do about it!

Dubbed the year of ‘post-truth’, 2016 saw fake news hit the mainstream. Is your brand at risk?

Here are our three tips for dealing with fake news:

      • Prepare for the worst. Make sure your crisis plans are updated. If you need to respond, you’ll be ready to act quickly with a clear, firm message.
      • Tell the truth. Sounds obvious right? But fake news is actually an opportunity. Build your reputation by giving journalists and influencers accurate, timely information.
      • Get your people on board. Your employees – and their networks – can be powerful allies in righting any wrong, so make sure they have the facts.

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