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PR tip #2 – Three reasons to get your message straight

PR tip #2

Three reasons to get your message straight

Social, online, video, media, print, broadcast. The proliferation of communication channels means the number of ways your audience might see or hear your message has increased dramatically.

Here are three top reasons why getting your messages straight has never been more essential:

      • Consistency. Research by McKinsey & Company has revealed that business-to-business companies with strong and consistent branding are 20 per cent more successful than those that are weak or inconsistent
      • Differentiation. McKinsey also found that the top global business-to-business companies stuck to remarkably similar brand themes, following the herd rather than differentiating. Messages must set you apart.
      • Resonance. Your messages need to chime with your audience and you’re much more likely to get the right messages if they’ve been properly researched. 

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