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PR Tip #12 – Stay On Message, But Make It Credible

PR Tip #12 - Stay on message, but make it credible

The ‘strong and stable’ soundbite communicated by the Tory party…

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PR Tip #11 – Fake News And What To Do About It!

PR tip #11 – Fake news and what to do about it!

Dubbed the year of ‘post-truth’, 2016 saw fake news hit…

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PR Tip #10 – Winning Against The Odds

PR tip #10 - Winning against the odds

President Elect Donald J Trump against all the odds, predictions…

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PR Tip #9 – The EU Referendum: What Can We Learn From The Campaigns?

PR tip #9 - The EU referendum: What can we learn from the campaigns?

In what has been the most eagerly awaited and fiercely…

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PR Tip #8 – New Year, New Trends

PR Tip #8 - New Year, New Trends

Ad blocking apps made headlines in 2015, as Apple quietly…

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PR Tip #7 – The Smart Money Is On Mobile Friendly Websites

PR tip #7 - The smart money is on mobile friendly websites

With more mobile handsets carrying more content to more people…

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PR Tip #6 – Add LinkedIn To Your Network

PR tip #6 - Add LinkedIn to your network

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PR Tip #5 – Is Content Really King?

PR tip #5 - Is content really king?

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PR Tip #4 – Why Infographics Are In Vogue

PR tip #4 - Why infographics are in vogue

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PR Tip #3 – The Value Of Video

PR tip #3 - The value of video

Higher message retention. 60 per cent of people prefer watching…

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PR Tip #2 – Three Reasons To Get Your Message Straight

PR tip #2 - Three reasons to get your message straight

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PR Tip #1 – The Power Of Awards

PR tip #1 - The power of awards

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